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I decided to give cloudsandcoffee a rest. In the time being, you can find additional work of mine over on Tumblr.  Clean, simple and BIG images. My kind of place. Thanks for visiting!


The Rainbow of Chard

An ingredient shot taken while on location in Napa for Zuzu's new website. The chard had been picked that morning from their gardens. Giant and beautifully colorful!


The Making Of :: Galette Dough

I've always been terrified when it comes to making dough's. I guess I thought it was this big ordeal.. You had to have a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer, the proportions had to be just right and you had to roll out the dough correctly so it wouldn't stick to your work surface. I don't know, I've just veered away from making my own dough.

Turns out it's not that hard at all. Yes, you do have to get the proportions right and the quality of ingredients you use really helps with the end result, but the process isn't that hard at all. After asking friends about their recipes, it seems the most important part is the butter. Good, non-salted butter, preferably in a tin foil wrapper, not waxed, and it needs to come straight from the fridge.

Alright, I'm off to make more dough!


Above The Bay

A couple weeks ago I took a friend out to teach him a little more about shooting Manual on his Canon. He's really been interested in night shooting and lives on Treasure Island, so I thought finding the spot where you can peer over the Bay Bridge would be perfect.
After a few attempts, we found the spot and set up our gear. Fortunately there was still a bit of color in the sky with clouds passing, and I was able to capture the blue. The reflections on the water are my favorite though!
I shot this with a 50mm,  and held the lens open for 2.5 seconds. The aperture was f6.3, and an iso of 160. I then did a bit of work in Photoshop toning down the yellow glowon the bridge so more of the red tail light streaks showed. I brought out more of the blue in the sky and enhanced the reflections on the bay.


Happy Hour

It's Friday and I do believe a happy hour is in order. So call up your friends, decide where to meet, and have some fun. You've been working hard and deserve to relax.. I know I do!


Time well spent

My dear friend Erin and I recently got together for a little photo shoot. I love working with Erin! We have such a good time chatting about life and the photo business. My time spent with Erin is a wonderful example of why I love my job. Being creative and collaborating with people you really mesh with. It's important to have people around that know and get you. It makes all the other stuff a breeze!



If you haven't tried a Manciata, you need to..  Now! It's a salad on top of pizza bread. Here we have steak with arugula and blue cheese. Pizzeria Azzurro also makes a Caeser Manciata and a BLT one. They're the bomb!

A little round up of things across the interweb that have caught my eye this week...

These are the kind of moments I dream about seeing.

I'd like to drink this and also re-create it in my own way.. 

Geometry goodness over here.

I need a new tripod, and I'm thinking this one tackles a few situations all in one.. 

This is lovely, enjoy!


A Pint For You

Who doesn't love a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day? Yesterday evening we had a few friends over and I cooked a feast!  Unfortunately, I didn't think earlier enough to brine my own beef, so I picked up a bunch of Niman Ranch corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. I steamed all the veggies in Boddington's Ale with a little black peppercorn, mustard and caraway seeds, salt and a bay leaf. About 10 minutes before it was done, I added the corned beef to heat it up. Served hot with whole grain mustard and creamy horseradish. The meal was a hit and many beers were had. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!

This shot was taken at the bar of Norman Rose Tavern. Lit by a giant window about 10 feet in back of the camera. The yellow light on the bottom left came from a lamp on the bar, that at first I flagged with a piece of black foam core, but ended up liking in the end. Exposure was 1/30 of a second, at f3.5, with an ISO of 400. I did a lot of retouching in Photoshop, cleaning the glass of all the tiny pieces of lint, scratches and unwanted reflections, and bumped the contrast up a bit.


Cakes, Cakes, and more Cakes!

All I want to do is eat cake from Green Chile Kitchen.. Did you know they make cakes and sweet pies in addition to chile pies? I know, incredible. 
Even after all the cake I ate at this shoot, I still want more. The carrot cake was my favorite. Yum!


Lunch Date

We'll meet at Azzurro Pizzeria. You can order the Meatballs and I'll have the Caponata. Looks delicious, doesn't it?